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L.A. Insurance Agency AZ12

Phone: 480-655-1000
Fax: 480-655-1003

21 S. Signal Butte Rd.  Apache Junction  AZ 
L.A. Insurance Agency AZ13

Phone: 520-421-9222
Fax: 520-421-9333

973 E. Cottonwood Ln  Casa Grande  AZ 
L.A. Insurance Agency AZ14

Phone: 623-930-1333
Fax: 623-930-4911

5270 N. 59th Ave.  Glendale  AZ 
L. A. Insurance Agency AZ 51

Phone: 602-753-0031
Fax: 602-944-0851

9242 N 7th St  Phoenix  AZ 
L.A. Insurance Agency AZ1

Phone: 602-248-0200
Fax: 602-248-0204

4140 N 19th Ave  Phoenix  AZ 
L.A. Insurance Agency AZ18

Phone: 623-691-9000
Fax: 623-691-9001

1610 N. 75th Ave  Phoenix  AZ 
L.A. Insurance Agency AZ2

Phone: 623-846-1100
Fax: 623-846-1144

4105 N 51st Ave  Phoenix  AZ 
L.A. Insurance Agency AZ3

Phone: 602-978-9080
Fax: 602-978-4500

1838 W. Bell Rd.  Phoenix  AZ 
L.A. Insurance Agency AZ33

Phone: 602-276-0002
Fax: 602-276-1151

7602 S Central Ave.  Phoenix  AZ 
L.A. Insurance Agency AZ40

Phone: 623-850-0029
Fax: 623-691-9001

7611 W. Thomas Rd #B003  Phoenix  AZ 


L.A. Insurance Agency
Corporate Headquarters
21745 W 8 Mile Rd.
Detroit, MI 48219

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